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Finally the final instalment for my Trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is now up. It took a while for me to post this final instalment because I was busy for the past few weeks. I’ve been brewing something exciting that I will share with you in my future post.

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Driving for my-self is hard at first because you are scared on your own. You don’t know what might happen on the road, by yourself. Even though you are equipped with all the knowledge and must know information. I was still stressed out driving for myself for the first time. It was really different when you’re the one behind the wheels and not just the passenger. You should be aware of all the sides or angels to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

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We all know when our mind and heart collide we are in serious problem, not physically of course but mentally. If the brain or the heart doesn’t function well, we would have a problem in decision making. So what should we follow, our heart or our mind? Well personally for me it depends. And we know that both of these organs are vital to us human beings.



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Waking-up on the wrong side of the bed happens to almost all of us right? It is probably the hardest part to start your day or your week rather. Simply because you’re not in the mood or probably pissed off of something. And sometimes you’re just too lazy to get up. Bottom line, we have our own reasons for this to happen.

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It’s hard to keep up with fast emerging trends, latest gadgets or simply climate change. Because we all know that change is inevitable. It can be our age, our family, friends and probably our career path. What we can do is be prepared, be prepared for the best and most especially the worst. Because as the old saying goes, “Its better be prepared than sorry.”

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Hi guys, I’m back again, my third 3 day and my third post. Well its Saturday today and I have no work and it means it’s my rest day. I have no gig as well (Make-up gig – for those who don’t know I do Make-up on the side.). Days like this makes me want to lay down watch TV or browse the internet and just be lazy. But I want to avoid that habit and be a little productive that’s why I am writing this post (lol).

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Well for my second post I want to share my thoughts regarding power. When we hear (or rather read) the word power, many things can be associated with power. Like power over ruling a certain organization, power in terms of strength, power in wealth, power of super heroes (like superman, the avengers, etc.) or simply our own individual power. Not money, nor strength but our own individual power.

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Having nothing to do is a luxury because as we all know time cannot be bought. This will also give you many things to do like clean the house, sort your things, or just start a blog like what I’m doing now. Don’t get me wrong I have a day job it’s just that my hands are itching to type and sometimes I have dead time or simply nothing to do.

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