Hong Kong 2018 (Day 4 & 5) | The Peak + Ang daming pinoy | Amber Tan

This is the final stretch to our Hong Kong vacation. And we are fighting for our lives (lol), but definitely enjoying every moment! Fatigue is slowly creeping into our bodies because of our activities and the cold weather. We accomplished most of our agenda, and had free time. That’s why we ventured to the observatory wheel, but going there is no joke, there is a lot of walking involved. Me and my friends almost got lost, luckily there are a lot of “Kababayans” spread all throughout the city of Hong Kong. They are very kind and helpful, they led us the way to our destination. Along the way, we saw a number of Filipinos because it’s a Saturday and they like to spend their time hanging-out at the park and at the subway. Check out the video and see for yourself. I pay high respect to all the hardworking Filipinos not only in Hong Kong, but anywhere in the world.


Silka Seaview Hotel, Yau Ma Tei

(Day 4):
10AM VICTORIA PEAK (central station then walk) + MADAME TUSSAUDS
11am-12nn LUNCH
The Hong Kong Observatory Wheel
Ferry Ride
Snacks + Rest

(Day 5):
Stroll Around the area 11am-4:00pm
-Nearby Temples
Flight going home



Amber T.

#AmberTansAdventure #HongKong #travelvlog #vlog

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