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Finally my Ilocos photo diary (Part 1) is up. My apologies again for the late upload because I’ve been busy lately that’s why I am not that actively blogging, but I will try my best to post consistently. I will split this post into two parts because there are a lot of photos and I want to share all of it to you guys. Though you’re not with me I want you to experience all of it through my photos.

IMG_0937We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights via Triple 8 Travel and Tours, check them out guys because they offer affordable packages with value for your money. I highly recommend Kuya Carlo to be your driver because he is easy to be with and he was our drive for the whole trip. (Click here to see more details). They have set an itinerary for you lazy peepz like us lol. But you can alter those depending on what you want, just inform them so they can tailor it to your needs.IMG_0944Now feast your eyes with my not so professionally taken photos. Peace out 🙂IMG_0940IMG_0941

IMG_0980IMG_0979IMG_0982IMG_0985IMG_1011Yes we pass thru this tiny hole just to reach the bell tower.


IMG_1045#AsTM post. Check more on our instagram (L-R: Ronnel a.k.a Lola R, Amber, Pri) lol.IMG_1062IMG_6903IMG_1075



IMG_1098The Gang 🙂 IMG_6995IMG_6998

(Ilocos Pt. 1) What to See:

  1. Baluarte – It’s basically a zoo with cool Dinosaur statues.
  2. Bantayan Church and Bell Tower – Classic serene church known as Shrine of Our Lady of Charity.
  3. Subli Subli Beach Resort – Where we ate a feast for lunch, because we are so damn hungry after 9 straight hours of travel from manila.
  4. The Malacanang of the North – Where The Marcos’ stayed during their reign.
  5. Paoay Church
  6. (The famous) Sand Dunes
  7. Patapat Bridge
  8. Hannah’s Beach Resort (Blue Lagoon)

Stay tune for Part 2 🙂


Amber T.

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