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Color can sometimes be an indicator of your emotions and your feelings towards the day. It can easily change the mood you are going for. Color can inspire people and brighten up their day. Color can make or break your outfit it can be your shoes, bags, or accessories. In short color can possibly have an impact to your everyday living. I personally use color in my outfits to express my feelings and mood towards the day, but not all the time.


A pop of color to an outfit is cute, but a burst of color can sometimes be overwhelming. You need to find the common ground of your chosen color if it is bright or pastel. Then choose a palette that would fit well and compliment your completion. Remember if your outfit is screaming COLOR! Mute your accessories, like caps, shoes, bracelets, etc. to balance everything else, because in a look what we want to achieve is harmony not clashing of elements.


I found my inspiration through this bracelet I bought in SM Department Store (Men’s Access.) It is royal blue, stacked it with neutral colors to balance the look. All bracelets are from SM Dept. Store.

I then created a color blocking look which revolve on the blue bracelet. I pulled my royal blue shorts and paired it with a bright pink chambray to brighten the look. But as you can see it complimented my completion and the colors look cohesive despite the bright contras. I muted my shoes and cap to balance the bright colors.


Cap: No Matter What

Top: Mossimo

Shorts: Thrift Shop

Shoes: Toms

Bracelets: SM Store


Keep in mind that you should always feel happy and confident of what you are wearing, regardless of any “fashion rules.” Because at the end of the day you can change or donate your clothes but confidence is never sold at any stores.


Amber T.


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