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Last weekend I was part of the team who glam-up the surgeons in their fun raising fashion show. The designer was Mama Renee Salud he is a well know filipino designer and has contributed big in the filipino fashion industry. The photo above was taken after the make-up session with my co-makeup artist. Unfortunately others were watching the show and a few went home already.

I also went off after the session since it was a long day and I still have errands to do. On this post I will share the looks I did on the show. The peg was simple, a natural glam makeup look.



The before photo of the my first client. She has great skin and tamed eyebrows. But she has a few dark spots due to sun exposure and she said that she don’t wear sunblock.



Here is the after photo. The is a raw and un-edited photo. I made sure that here skin would look natural as well as to her lips. That’s why I made her eyes dramatic. I want her eyes to be lifted and make her look younger. I’m glad that she liked the look I gave her.



My second and last client for the day was a bit tricky since she has veins showing up and a few discoloration.



Here is the after photo. I made corrections under her eyes and set it with lose powder to pro-long the concealer. I made the shadow upward to lift her eyes and look well rested. Because you know these doctors sometimes don’t get to sleep especially when they are in the surgery room. We need to give credit to all the doctors. Going back to the look I made sure to set the makeup to last all night.

IMG_4997Here is a photo of me with the designer Mama Renee Salud.

Over-all the clients were happy and satisfied they gave great feedback. Also the event is was for their medical mission, the doctors and surgeons were models for the night to make a fund raising for their medical mission in the province, to help those people who are in need but don’t have enough funds.

It was a tiring long day but it was fulfilling because I love what I’m doing and I made my client happy too. Till my next post 🙂

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Amber T.

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