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Being minimal is one of my goal this 2016, not only in style but also with other things because I am going to de-clutter and sell a few of my things but I will discuss it in a different post. To start things off I kept this look minimal with only a few accessories and letting the color of the top give the statement. This was my outfit for BDJ: Woman with Vision Event (see my previous post). The event is inside the mall and it would take a few hours, that’s why I opt to wear something that would give me warmth in case I’m cold.


I chose the top because it has a unique color, I may describe it as between orange and brown – do you get what I mean? lol. From there I kept everything neutral from my bag to my shoes and all my accessories.


I love wearing these shoes because it’s very comfortable seriously I can wear this pair of boots everyday because it’s not that heavy and your feet are well relaxed inside.


Besides from the top I really love the bag I wore, yes it’s small but it can carry all my essentials for the day. It has a suttle statement that completed the look. The bag gave the look a little edge and kept the look away from being too boring.

Top: Giordano

Bottoms: H&M

Boots: Palladium

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Necklace: Forever21

Watch: Anne Klein



Amber T.

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