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Belle De Jour held and event last February 20, 2016 at the Gateway Mall, Activity Area. Luckily I was one of the few who got invited. Thanks to my friend Nikki Sapo who is a blogger as well. It was my first time to attend on the said event that’s why I was excited to attend and see for myself what activities are in-store for us. The event was entitle “Woman with Vision,” it is about empowering women and chasing your goals because it’s never too seize it.


First thing I notice in the event was all of them are ladies/women I was the only one who is women at heart. I was shy and a bit conscious since I was the only male participant on the event. However Nikki encouraged me to keep my head up high and not to worry since she asked one of the organizers that male participants are welcome as well.


IMG_4848The event was jam-packed because even the chairs are not enough for all the participants but the organizers found a way to look for spare seating for participants.


IMG_4849There were exciting games during the event and lots of prices to be given away.

IMG_4851There were four speakers all were great but the one that hit me was the first speaker who was Omehra Sigahe, The owner of, she was on point in all her topics and she has a warm voice and very good empowerment skills. There are many lessons that she taught but the most that hit me was “Do things that make you feel good, to make you do the leap.” – It me because I am scared to do what I love because I am scared with change but the moment she said it, it hit me and made me more confident to reach for my dreams and goals and never give up. Everything is possible as long as you work hard for it and be true to yourself and your co-leagues and you will go far.


IMG_4846To cap the event before it end they picked winners on what would the participants commit, luckily I was one of the winners of this Body Shop gift bag. I was surprised and rather shocked that they picked me. My commitment was simple, “I will commit to share my experiences and inspire not only ladies but men as well to continue to reach for their dreams and goals.” – Because nothing is impossible as long as you love what you are doing you will not get tire of it and definitely you will succeed.


IMG_4853Lastly, before the event ended they gave us loot bag that is filled with freebies and gift certificates from various sponsors. I am excited to use it and give future reviews. All in all, the event was a success and I am truly glad with this opportunity. I am willing to attend again if given a chance. Stay tune for my next post, I will share my outfit during the event.



Amber T.





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