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Hi everyone, this is my first food post so please be kind with me. lol. It was the weekend so it means its cheat day and what a good way to spend my cheat day on this restaurant. Cafe Publico is an Italian inspired restaurant they serve great food that is worth the price. The place is very cozy and the interior is on point. I felt the message that they are conveying for through their food and interior. It’s like you’re driven to a nice street in France (though I’ve never been there, but base on the photos and the articles that I’ve read.).





IMG_4730Cafe Publico is located inside Promenade, Greenhills. It is at the 2nd floor near cinemas. We ordered 3 dishes for two, we thought that it wouldn’t be enough but it turns out that it was more than enough. That’s why we haven’t got a chance to taste their desserts, but definitely we will come back for it.



The first dish we ordered or the appetizer rather, is called “Twisted Twister.” Basically it is a twister fries with seasonings. The fries were crispy and tasty way to start the eating feast. I am a French fry lover and if there’s a chance that there is a fries on a menu, there is a high percentage that I will try it. It’s priced at PHP 175.00 I think the price is reasonable despite of its ambiance and location and it tastes good.




The second one was a Panini and we tried their best seller, Spicy Tuna and Mozarella Panini. I first checked if it was serve with mayonnaise for the dressing, but luckily it was not so we ordered it. It came with nacho chips and dip, the serving size is good enough for sharing. It is not that spicy, just right enough for people who doesn’t love spicy but for those people who love spicy food, I suggest that you ask for chilli sauce or a hot sauce. The price was PHP 295.00, I think this was a little bit on a pricey side considering that the food was pretty basic, but I guess the tuna made the price up. Nonetheless the food taste good and the amount was just enough.


IMG_4735Our final order was a pasta dish it was called Pulled Pork BBQ Mac and Cheese. Of course eating in an Italian restaurant is not complete if you haven’t tried their pasta dish. We were a bit sceptical before ordering the dish because we are concern that it might taste a basic Bake Mac. Well it turns out great and it tastes a bit of heaven, haven’t I told you that I love pasta and I can eat pasta for a week. The price was PHP 295.00, the price was reasonable and appropriate for the dish, it looks little basing on the photo but don’t be fooled because the plate was deep and together with bread sticks it is guaranteed that you’ll be satisfied.

All in all the place was great, the food and the menu was well thought out. The price was reasonable considering the quality of the food and the ambiance of the place. The only downside I guess was the signage was not that noticeable, but it is not a big of a deal, because you can ask security guards they are nice and will give you right directions.

Till then guys!



Amber T.

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