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Driving for my-self is hard at first because you are scared on your own. You don’t know what might happen on the road, by yourself. Even though you are equipped with all the knowledge and must know information. I was still stressed out driving for myself for the first time. It was really different when you’re the one behind the wheels and not just the passenger. You should be aware of all the sides or angels to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

Now I’m driving for 2 years, whether for myself or for my family or friends. Driving now for me is kind of therapeutic, compared when it was the first time. You are probably thinking why therapeutic. Let me explain, driving alone specifically allows me to think by myself of what I want to do or achieve in life. It gets me to a place where I can think and clear my mind. Well not during traffic! lol. I am obviously talking about long drive like 2-4 hours.

Driving alone specifically allows me to be independent, because I would rely only to myself to get to my destination. It gives me the right to decide where to go and not be stressed out. Because at the end of the day when you missed a turn you will not blame anybody but yourself, and it will allow you to learn. Learning is a valuable key in life because it will help you mature as a person and add up to your experience.

Sometime driving gives me joy and freedom of going to different places and seeing new things. Driving (as well as travelling as a whole) allows me to look at life on a different perspective. You get to meet new people and see different culture that exists. You get to go to different places whether with someone or alone. Driving can get you to places faster – of course without traffic – since you can go straight ahead to your destination.

As a whole you can relate driving to a person’s life. You will start without knowledge so you will study and consolidate all the information and implement it to yourself. You will practice till you get the confidence to do it alone. As you get older in driving you will get wiser, you will know the tricks and short-cuts. You will get to point A to point B faster. Even though you miss a turn you can still make a way to reach to your destination. In short all has a purpose and you will earn everything through experience. So we should all hang in and be patient because you will get there.



Amber T.


17 thoughts on “DRIVING FOR MYSELF

  1. I don’t drive unfortunately, but I am aware of the advantages of the open road. It’s my favourite time to talk to someone, just the two of us and no one else. It’s calm and clear without any distractions. I love it and I love this post ❤

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin’


  2. I understand what you mean. I love going for drives alone at night, it’s my time to myself to think, reflect, and just be at one, you know? I remember I used to love driving when I first started at 16, I would offer to drive anywhere! Now, at 22 I always try and pawn the driving off on someone else, lol. But every now and then a good drive helps clear the mind!



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