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Hi everyone! Here is m y 2nd outfit post. Today will be a busy day because I have to go to the mall, buy some stuff and pay my bills. You know I’m all about comfort and style I want to maintain the casual vibe but still being on point. This is a simple look that anyone can pull-off. It is applicable to any body type.


IMG_4258IMG_4255I wore this printed shirt and paired it with a leggings and sneakers so that I will be comfortable while walking all day long. Threw on this parka to elevate the look from being to causal and un-done. And to top the look off, I wore a baseball cap to hide my messy hair and naked face (lol).

Baseball Cap: Wellworth

Printed Tee: Aeropostale

Parka: H&M

Leggings: The SM Store

Bag: Greenhills

Sneakers: Marikina





Amber T.

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