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We all know when our mind and heart collide we are in serious problem, not physically of course but mentally. If the brain or the heart doesn’t function well, we would have a problem in decision making. So what should we follow, our heart or our mind? Well personally for me it depends. And we know that both of these organs are vital to us human beings.

Science tells us that the brain is responsible for letting us think and end up in making decisions in our day to day living. It allows us to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. It gives us the capacity to formulate a solution to a problem. The mind functions as a navigator in our body because it sends reactions to the nerves of what should we feel and how should we end up in making decisions. The mind is a very powerful organ because it will make or break a decision.

On the other hand the heart pumps the blood all over our body we all know that it is the main function of the heart. But in some cases the heart is very tricky because sometimes our heart can make a decision, it’s not that the heart makes the decision – of course our mind still makes the decision – our decision will be based from our heart, of what we feel towards certain actions. That’s why sometimes people are having a hard time when arriving to a decision especially when your heart is involve.

In other words, your mind is practical when making decision it’s as simple as yes or no, while your heart is the one who makes the “maybe” or probably the tiebreaker to the situation. What I mean is the heart entails your emotions, whether the decision is right or wrong, your emotions are more powerful when you decision using your heart.

As to my current situation I’m still battling with what I will use in my issues in life, but one thing I’m sure is to consider all factors before arriving into a firm decisions. Because we all know that I am not getting any older anymore that’s why I should be mature in making decisions, especially if it is a risky one.

It’s easier said than done, we all should know that. In the end you will still be the one deciding who to follow. Weather your mind or your heart just don’t forget to consider the outcome of your decision.


Amber T.


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