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It’s my first outfit post in this blog! Yay! I went all out with this comfy chic style. We all know here in the Philippines summer is fast approaching and we all know it will scorching hot outside. We all want to feel breezy, comfy but not undone (especially at work). This white shirt and ripped jeans is a perfect combo if you’re going for that comfy chic look.



This is an effortless take for a long day at work. The white button down makes the look clean and presentable, while the ripped jeans and sandals makes the look causal but not “undone.” Choosing the right colours is another thing that I did with the look. I picked neutrals to keep the look clean and fresh (just don’t mess up while eating, since you’re wearing white button down. lol.) .

Shirt: Giordano

Ripped Jeans: Zara

Sandals: The SM Store


This look is perfect for a brunch out or probably a garden party. Hope you like the look!



Amber T.

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