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Waking-up on the wrong side of the bed happens to almost all of us right? It is probably the hardest part to start your day or your week rather. Simply because you’re not in the mood or probably pissed off of something. And sometimes you’re just too lazy to get up. Bottom line, we have our own reasons for this to happen.

We can’t avoid if we have a bad day, because it’s just our bad day, you get it? It’s ours not his, not hers nor theirs, it OUR bad day. We should not complicate things and should avoid involving people to our misery (or to however you describe your bad day). We should always keep our head up high no matter what. We should always stay positive whatever happens. I know I know it’s easier said than done. Well I have a few tips to share to stay positive.

  1. Learn to separate family, work, friends and/or relationship – So your emotions wouldn’t mixed up when you’re at work. And the quality of your work won’t be affected. Leave all them at home and fix it when you come home, and vice versa. You don’t want to stress your family/special someone with the problems at your work right? You can share but only up to what they can understand. Besides they don’t work at your work place.
  2. Organize your goals daily so you can be motivated (it can be weekly, monthly or yearly)Set daily goals so you have something to look forward. So if you’re stressed out you can easily move on and proceed on your plans. It can help you divert your thoughts and at the same time make you motivated to finish the day.
  3. Eat healthy or sometimes eat sweets (it can help!) – Eating healthy helps you process your thoughts well. You will not feel sleep or lazy, you will recall thoughts easily and make decisions with a snap.
  4. Stay calm no matter what the situation is – Think before you speak. Staying calm can help you think first before blurting out words that aren’t relevant. And it will help you avoid unfortunate events.
  5. Think of happy thoughts – Lastly, happy thoughts can make you positive in all causes. It can give you the will power to finish your work and at the same time feel good about something. Thinking happy thoughts can also help influence others. It is good because you helped yourself and at the same time you helped someone.

Hope all of these helped you guys. Remember stay positive because no matter how bad the situation can be. It will change and everything will be okay.


Amber T.

9 thoughts on “NOT YOUR DAY

  1. Great tips, Amber! I believe in trying to be positive regardless of what’s going on in and around us, too. There’s always something to be thankful and grateful for and I try to remind myself of all of those things when I’m feeling down. It helps to bring attention to the things I can so easily take for granted, too. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have an amazing day!




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