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It’s hard to keep up with fast emerging trends, latest gadgets or simply climate change. Because we all know that change is inevitable. It can be our age, our family, friends and probably our career path. What we can do is be prepared, be prepared for the best and most especially the worst. Because as the old saying goes, “Its better be prepared than sorry.”

In my 24 years of existence I can say that I’ve been through some struggles in life, especially now I’m turning 25 this 2016. I can say that I am undergoing what they call is quarter life crisis. Because career wise I am not sure if I still want to work in a boxed life. What I mean is waking up at 7am and going home at 7pm. It’s a fixed schedule and I have no freedom of what I want to do (except for weekends). Maybe the reason why I’m still staying is to have a stable source of income, since I need to save enough money before I take a risky move of being a freelance Make-up Artist. I don’t want to rely on my parents when I do this big move. Sending me to school and providing my needs is enough because I know all the hardship they’ve been through to send me and my sister to good schools. With this also, it taught me to be independent and learned to save and budget my money. I learned that money isn’t that easy to earn. Going back, I am in a crisis of what I should do now. Because if I leave work I would have no stable source of income and Make-up projects are not that often. Sometimes I just wish that it would be easy if my parents would support me, like any other kids, but in my case it’s not that easy. Well most of the case all successful people started from the bottom and worked their way up. So probably I will just keep going on until I saved enough money to do the risky move.

I just want to be prepared of the worst case scenario. I want to save up enough money to maintain my needs and sustain my monthly expense. Of course I still want to enjoy my youth. I just want to secure enough funds for my future plans. I don’t want to commit same mistakes that others did. What I mean is some followed their passion and what they like but forgot one part, to save enough funds to avoid borrowing money to others (ex. friends, relatives, etc.). I know it would be difficult but I’m sure that I can get through this and I would be successful like everybody else. Because I believe that if you really work hard and push yourself, nothing is impossible. So we should all rise up to the occasion and give our best foot forward.

I will all of us would be successful, in blogging world, career wise and any other paths that we would like to pursue.


Amber T.

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