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These are the things I can’t leave home without (of course except for my phone if you are wondering haha!). They should be religiously in my bag every-day before going to work (except when I am just going for errands or going to parties. lol). And I will surely go back just in case I left one of them (although it didn’t happen yet). These things are vital for my everyday life especially when I’m at work. Well I can say that these things help me motivate to work efficiently and peacefully.



My planner (If you are wondering It’s obviously from Starbucks. lol), yes it should always be inside my bag because there I put my agenda for the day or for the week and also future plans. Like vacation because summer is coming here in the Philippines yass! And of course a pen (from parker), it’s a gift from my sister last Christmas and what’s so special about this pen is my name is engraved. I will surely treasure this foevaaahh! I really, really like it and it will stay inside my bag forever.


My power bank (it’s from pqi and you can buy it at any octagon shop if you live here in the MNL.). What’s good about this is it is slim and compact, it doesn’t take space inside my bag and it has an indicator on how much power you still have. It also has two ports so you can share with your friends or simply charge both gadgets at the same time. I keep this in my bag because sometime my battery drains so fast, and in some cases I just forget to charge at home. And especially for those nights that you are in a party and your battery is going to die. It is very handy and stylish at the same time.


Earphones and blotting sheets is a must as well. Let me talk about the earphones first. It is from mac it came with my Iphone. I need these babies because when I’m bored and need motivation, I bust it out and pop it in my ears and listen to good music. It helps me go into a different dimension and concentrate. It gives me motivation and boost my mood as well.


Blotting sheet (from clean&clear, you can get it at any drugstore or local supermarket). I keep this in my bag spot on. Well you know my skin is oily and I don’t want to be shiny and haggard especially when I’m in a meeting. This keeps my matte and fresh all day long. Good thing about these blotting sheets, it never clog pores and it never gives me a hard time. I never break-out using this product, believe me I’ve tried a lot of blotting sheets and this is the best and most efficient, money and quality wise. So if you’re out it the market, you should try this.


Well this is all my essentials that I carry with me everyday. If you want an in-depth review of some products let me know I’d be glad to do on my future post. Feel free to follow me and leave a comment.


Amber T.


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