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Hi guys, I’m back again, my third 3 day and my third post. Well its Saturday today and I have no work and it means it’s my rest day. I have no gig as well (Make-up gig – for those who don’t know I do Make-up on the side.). Days like this makes me want to lay down watch TV or browse the internet and just be lazy. But I want to avoid that habit and be a little productive that’s why I am writing this post (lol).

Well guys when I have nothing to do first thing is I go wash my face and make a list, in that list it consist of random stuff like clean the house, organize my stuff, think of new posts for you guys, run some errands and so much more. It’s as simple as ripping a piece of paper it can be as fancy as you want or as simple as a scratch paper, what’s important is you can write down your “to-do list.” For my opinion a fancy or a kawaii notepad can motivate you to do this (well for me it is). Jot down ideas or things to do and sort it from most important to least important.

This list would help you to be productive rather than to watch movie or browse the internet (although it happens, guilty as charge, I am not denying. lol.) and be lazy. For me when I started doing this routine it made me less lazy because there is something that pushes me to prepare and start my day. This list made me more organize with my thoughts and made me realize that time is really important and you should make use of your time well. This will also help you avoid missing deadlines or forgetting to do some things you should or running some errands for your family or for yourself. I encourage you guys to do this routine especially on days that you feel lazy, because you might never know what you should do.

That’s it! Do it guys and I guarantee that you would be more productive.


Amber T.

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