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Well for my second post I want to share my thoughts regarding power. When we hear (or rather read) the word power, many things can be associated with power. Like power over ruling a certain organization, power in terms of strength, power in wealth, power of super heroes (like superman, the avengers, etc.) or simply our own individual power. Not money, nor strength but our own individual power.

We have power don’t you know that? The power of attraction or your inner might (I hope I don’t sound like any networking person. lol, no offense. But I hope you get my point right?). For some this is not new, but for those who are believe me it’s real. Back then when I was still working as a Visual Merchandiser I never thought that I can save up and study Make-up Artistry, because the expense is not a joke, the tools, tuition fee and other accessories. I saved up and prepared for it, use my inner might to lessen my expense. I made a promise to myself that I CAN DO THIS. I spent my money wisely and bought what is only needed, set my goals and priorities, and before I knew, I was already starting to study Make-up Artistry back in 2014. 

Well my point in sharing my story is that if you really want something, nothing is impossible. I am not claiming that I have already establish a career in Make-up Artistry because currently I am still in midst of reaching my dream/goal. It’s just that I already did something about my dream. I started my first step. Because I believe that it’s better to try and fail rather than to never try and regret (well I’m going to discuss this statement in another post.). So if you have something you’ve ever dreamt of, go for it. Nothing/no-one is holding you back it’s just yourself. Believe in yourself, you have your own power to do what you want. Never be afraid of judgment, rejection and failure. It will only make you better, stronger and more powerful.

I hope I made it clear to everyone that we all have our own power and our inner might. We just need to keep going and never be stuck a one phase, if that happens go back to your roots and remember yourself, of what you really want in life.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and connect with me.



Amber T.


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